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About me !

I originally came from an engineering background about 20 years ago I left engineering to do something different, I decided to start a career in kitchen fitting. After about ten years of I set up Teddington Kitchens, I built the website and spent the next eleven years designing, selling and installing bespoke hand painted kitchens. These kitchens were made by a separate company, not by me. Having always wanted to make my kitchens a year ago I decided to invest in a workshop and tools and equipment to enable me to make my own.
I still do all the design work and installations. Because of my engineering background, I am extremely precise in all my work both in installing and manufacturing of the kitchens. I have over 20 years experience in designing and installing kitchens. Although I do this for a living once the money side of things is agreed all I am interested in is doing a first-rate job for my clients, I take great pride in my work.

My Plan.

My plan eventually is to make furniture and sell this from this website which I am building. I have made three kitchens so far and am in the process of making my fourth. Later this year I will be getting together a few furniture designs to start manufacturing pieces such as coffee table, sideboards, media centres and bookshelves etc. and later tables and chairs with the same materials and style of the kitchens, I have many fantastic design ideas I want to show you, for the moment I am concentrating on the kitchens.


Both the Kitchens and furniture are to be made from Birch Ply and Decorative Laminate, there is no M.D.F or chipboard at all just high quality birch ply to find out more about this material go to the Info page. There are many companies producing decorative laminate but I normally stick to Formica which is the original manufacturer on this type of material. I only use high quality drawer runners and hinges from "Blum" the German cabinet fixture company.


To describe the style might be rustic contemporary which might sound contradictory but having the the birch plywood ( rustic appearance ) and the flat decorative laminate ( the contemporary bit) You could also call it scandinavian as it is a very minimalistic look and also made of Baltic birch plywood which the Scandinavians use a lot in their furniture mainly due to the fact that is the part of the world were birch ply is produced.

Some of the Areas Covered
East Molsey
Raynes Park
Stroud Green
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