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Birch Plywood.

Birch plywood is the most fantastic material, it is immensely strong and pleasing to work with. Kitchen cabinets made from it will last a lifetime! Nothing phases it. How often have you seen regular kitchen cabinets swell up and break or bend when water gets near them, or door hinges and drawer runners come loose, not with birch ply you won't. It is very different from any other type plywood, not just the outer surfaces are birch, the whole board is made of layers of birch glued together. Other plywoods the core is made up of softwood and has gaps running through it, this is why birch plywood is so durable and why the edge is so attractive. When you screw into it, you know that screw is never going to pull out. It is not like any other veneered plywood as the outer layer is roughly four times as thick. After saying all this, its only downside is that it is costly, but it is vastly superior to MDF or chipboard which is the core of most other kitchen cabinets.

birch plywood delivery.
fridge handles.


Why buy a Birch plywood kitchen from me?
Because I have a vast amount of experience in kitchen design and installations, about 25 years to be precise. I can answer every single question about the above, and I can give you an ownest answer, this covers all aspects of the kitchen construction and installation including electrical and plumbing for your appliances, sink and taps.
As for the design of your kitchen, I don't call myself a kitchen designer, but
through years of selling and installing kitchens, I have amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge as to what actually looks great and what actually works. Also how to use the available space.

Decrotive Laminate.

The laminate I use front for the face of the doors, drawer fronts and panels are very hard wearing, it is what is known as a horizontal grade, ie it can be used on worktop surfaces. Some of you old fogeys (like me) will remember the Formica laminate used extensively in the 50s to 70s, although not heard of generally since but they have never stopped production but has been developed and now the amount of colours, patterns, finishes and textures is fantastic. The choice is immense, of course, you can have any colour, you can mix and match different colours or leave some doors or drawer fonts as birch. Like in the old 50s style you could have blue doors with white drawer fronts!

For Formica Samples go to
Contemporary handleless plywood kitchen cabinets.
Birch plywood handleless cabinets in grey

Cabinet Construction

These birch ply cabinets as I have said before will last a lifetime. They are also unique in their construction, the average person doesn't realise why they look so attractive, a run of cabinets seem like they are all constructed as one big cabinet with lots of drawers and doors, this is down to the way I have designed and built them, they are actually separate carcasses.

Wood Finish

All the birch plywood surfaces have three coats of really tough varnish.
After the first coat, the surface is sanded smooth as the grain is raised after the initial coat. Then two further coatings are applied to leave a very tough satin finish which does not darken the wood. It can withstand anything that can be thrown at it in the kitchen environment including boiling water.

Dovetailed birch plywood drawer.
Birch plywood wine rack with grey decorative laminate trim.

Styles Variations

There are some different variations to choose from, the doors and drawers can be handleless. When you push on the door or drawer, they open ( as in the second kitchen in my portfolio) I use the "Blum Tip-on. "
system for this type of kitchen.
Another type of handleless kitchen is like the first kitchen in my portfolio.
This has routed cutouts in the cabinet edge to all your fingers to pull the door or drawer open.
The doors and drawer fronts can be routed to form different designs of pulls, my contact page photo shows one way, but there are many others.
Handles is another option, stainless steel handles look fantastic especially with the darker colours.
Because I am not tied to any range of kitchens, I can make anything you require. For instance, if you happened to like the old 50s style of drawer line units with blue doors and white drawer front and wall cabinets with angled sliding doors, some with reeded glass.

Some of the Areas Covered
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